Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Get a real job!

Tonight I was at Walmart doing my dreaded weekly shopping. When I got to the checkout, I wrote a check as I always do, but tonight it wanted to see my ID. Now, in spite of the fact that I have lived back here in Wyoming for a little over a year now, I still haven't gone to the DMV here and gotten my Wyoming Driver's License, I mean, hell, would these people understand how hard it would be to part with the one that I carry? How long I had to stand in line for it even though I had an appointment? What it took to pass the rider's portion of the Class M1?

Anyway, this snot nosed kid at the checkout who was conducting the transaction gave me a really funny look,

"No, I haven't made it down to the DMV yet."

"You're one of those Californians that come here an' make things skyrocket."

"No, I was from here to begin with, and I came back to the area for a job"

"I have to live in Powell, because I can't afford to live in Cody on a Walmart Job."

"I see..."

What I really wanted to tell this little turd was that he needed to quit whining and to get his ass some sort of education so that he wouldn't have to work a dead end low paying job at Walmart. But, I didn't. Sometimes I am too damned nice.


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