Friday, November 18, 2005

Pretty simple huh?

Today was my Father's 61st birthday. The family all got together over at the folks' house in Greybull this evening. My Mother made Lasagna, which was really great. On my drive back to Cody, I started thinking about when my Dad was my age. It was 1975, Gerald Ford was in Office, Skylab was orbiting the Earth, however empty, an average car was the size of a battle ship and could accelerate from 0 to 60 sometime this month. My Dad had just bought into a farm with his Dad a few years previous, about 500 acres total, in Western Nebraska. But he also ran trains for the Burlington Northern Rail Road between the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Alliance Nebraska back and forth over the winding curves of Crawford Hill. In short, he was a very busy guy. Working nights and farming during the day. Further more, he was married and had 3 children as well... Wow! My life is pretty simple compared to that! I am a single guy, never been married, no children... I have a single job working as an engineer... I have two cats that pretty much take care of themselves... Pretty simple huh?


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