Thursday, December 01, 2005


The little house that I live in has a wall furnace in the living room. A few days ago, the pilot light started to go out when ever it would kick off, so I replaced the thermocouple at the discretion of my land lord. Well, it cured the problem with the pilot light going out, but another, more dangerous problem revealed itself... While eating dinner all nice and toasty warm, I heard the thermostat kick the gas on... Which wasn't followed by that satisfying "woooooooosh!" of the gas igniting... I quickly noticed after a few seconds what was happening, and I got up to walk over to the thermostat and turn it off, but as I stood up, the gas finally ignited - WOOOOOSH! I jumped back stumbling over the chair in front of my computer as a huge tower of flames headed for the ceiling. They were gone just as fast as they had appeared... I collected myself, and checked to see if I still had my eye brows and all of the hair on my arms. Slowly, Will and Berries peaked out from around corners, Will from around the refridgerator and Berries from the bathroom. So for the last few days, I have been living with electric heaters going to keep the chill off, but today, the plumber came to fix it. Once again... I have heat... Ahhhhh...


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