Sunday, December 11, 2005

Time to do the other one...

Years ago (OK, it was 9 years), when my Fraternity closed it's doors, I rescued a set of speakers and a receiver from the bar room. The receiver is a really nice Sony ES series that was made in the way early 90's before the advent of surround sound. Sometimes I wonder where it came from, and if it was obtained through honest means... The speakers, I know for certain, were. We picked them up from this stereo shop in downtown Laramie, they were used, and they had been in their basement for who knows how long. We built these monstrous shelves to set these speakers on up high so that it would be tough for a some marauder to come in and swipe them (a common occurrence in the Greek system). The shelves had to be beefy, because these speakers speakers are heavy, they're Bose 501's built in 1977. Recently, the right one started making funny noises, and couldn't produce bass without reverberating horribly. So I hopped online to see if I could come up with a new driver for it. What I discovered, was something that as Johnny Carson would say "I did not know that!" You can get a kit to re-edge a speaker, as the foam edging between the cone and the frame is what wears out. I took it apart, and sure enough the edging was completely crumbled. I cleaned it all up, glued the new one in, put it back together, and it sounds great!!! Not bad for speakers that are nearly as old as I am! Now I can piss of the neighbors by playing Vivaldi's Four Seasons or some Blue Six or some Sinatra or U2 or Big Audio Dynamite or Felix Da Housecat at high volume once again! Time to do the other one...


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